I entitle this post ‘Pictures I forgot existed…’


He really is the best around at the moment.

Just a gentle reminder that Liverpool are top of the Premier League and 8 points clear.

Have a great day 👍🏻

8th October 2015- 8th October 2019: 4 years of Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool

“If someone wants to help they have to change from doubter to believer…”

Is right.

You love to see it.

No one talks here anymore!!

Hello, how are you?


  • football is not life or death.
  • football is not something that should spread misery and hatred.
  • football should be about inspiration and joy.

i think this is worth a share. 💜

Just wanted his beautiful, beardy, nerdy face on my dash.

1500 followers!! That’s amazing!! Thank you, you guys rock.

Let’s keep the Kloppo flag flying high!!