I am desperate to see Liverpool successful, but if it’s not alright to be patient whilst…

I am desperate to see Liverpool successful, but if it’s not alright to be patient whilst Jürgen Klopp does his thing, then who else is out there? Show me someone who is available and who will come to Liverpool and completely overhaul the team and make it good enough to win the Premier League in less than 2 years?

And don’t give me Conte did it at Chelsea. He took over a team, 80% of which had won the league a year previously, they just didn’t want to play for there then manager. Do people even remember the mess Jürgen took over? Not a title winner in sight. How can he transform them completely in 1 and a half seasons with much less of a budget than the Man City’s and Chelsea’s of this world?

In his first ever press conference he said in his time at the club, he would win maybe one title. He’s at the club till 2022. Well, that gives him including this one, 5 more seasons to crack it.

So they’re out of the league cup. Look at the squad he named. If Klopp wanted to win it he’d have named a stronger line up against Leicester. Would you rather go further in the league cup, or have it out of the way and concentrate on the champions league which the team worked so hard to qualify for? Would you rather have won tonight and lost Saturday, or take that on the chin tonight, rested our best players then go for 3 points on Saturday? I know which I’d rather happen.

This is a sticky patch, but Chelsea had a sticky patch for most of August and September last year and ended the season Champions. Liverpool are five games in. One decent win and they are right back up the table. Things will come right, the squad is too talented for them not to.