I was tagged by @gilmoregirlblog. Thank you, I’m hardly ever tagged in anything 🙂

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Relationship status: Married

Favourite colour: Red

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

Last song: Say Something by Justin Timberlake

Last movie: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Top three tv shows: Frasier, Downton Abbey, The Big Bang Theory

Top three ships: Bates and Anna (Downton), Niles and Daphne (Frasier), Sheldon and Amy (The Big Bang Theory)

Top three bands: Stereophonics, U2, One Republic

Three favourite foods: Anything with chicken really

Currently reading: Bringing The Noise- Jürgen Klopp biography

I am tagging: @nasustir @konalynx @cwebernyc @itscallie79 @jaxperring @small-old-soul @storiesofthecosmos @withhopeinourheart @jillcfan

Because they are the most frequent fellow bloggers on my activities list 🙂