Just imagine…

I know it’s already a massive achievement to get to the semi’s, but Just imagine if Liverpool actually win the Champions League.

Just imagine the scenes as the final whistle goes. Kloppo group hugging everyone on the bench, grabbing Zeljko and spinning him around.

Just imagine a sea of red singing one of the most emotional renditions of YNWA you’ve ever heard, the players and staff joining in, waving scarves along with the supporters.

Just imagine Hendo at the front of the platform, waiting to receive the trophy. His teammates and manager behind him eagerly anticipating the moment just as much as he is.

Just imagine his hands wrapped around the handles of the trophy as he presses a gentle kiss against the silver cup in his hands.

Just imagine the roar as he holds the cup aloft, red confetti and fireworks erupting around him as his teammates rush to the front of the platform.