Not a great result but…

– the most important thing is top 4 is still in our hands. A win against a Brighton side with nothing to play for is more than likely.

– 7 days to prepare, something the team haven’t had recently. I have every faith Liverpool will come out all guns blazing next Sunday to secure the points needed.

– the past 3 games have shown how much this squad lacks in depth. If you look at the squad as a whole, it’s a magnificent achievement they reached the Champions League Final.

– The pressure is still on Chelsea. They drop points on Wednesday it’s very unlikely they’ll make the top 4. Even if they win they have to go to Newcastle on the final day and win there too.

– Tottenham aren’t in a good way at the moment. They might bottle it.

– There’s no need to fly off the handle and think irrationally. Liverpool are just doing it the Liverpool way. It won’t change until the squad is stronger. Something Jürgen will ensure happens in the summer.