So, that was the 2017/18 (I feel old) Premier …

So, that was the 2017/18 (I feel old) Premier League Season. What have we learnt?

– You can run away with the league if you have a Sheikh bankrolling you.

– Even if you score for Spurs, Harry Kane will try to claim it.

– Never let Alan Pardew near a Premier League dugout.

– Roy Hodgson is actually a decent manager.

– Referees are still, on the whole, inconsistent and useless.

And focussing on the Redmen…

– Liverpool can cope without Coutinho.

– Mo Salah to Liverpool is the greatest football transfer in the history of football transfers.

– Roberto Firmino is a king fu grand master.

– James Milner eats his mini eggs in size order.

– A mediocre back 4 and a clumsy goalkeeper conceded the 4th least goals and kept the 3rd best amount of clean sheets.

Last word for Kloppo…

– he will win the Premier League with Liverpool.

– he was chastised at times but he answered every criticism that was thrown at him.

– back to back top 4 finishes. Something that hasn’t been achieved by any manager since Rafa Benitez.

Liverpool are going places with him at the helm. Naby Keita is coming, I’m sure a CB, CM and striker will follow. Injured players will come back. The Redmen will be a force to be reckoned with next term.

Now, on to Kiev and the small matter of a champions league final…