kopzone: Trent has revealed that it was Klopp…


Trent has revealed that it was Klopp who broke the news that he was included in the World Cup squad

“I’m honoured, excited and feeling really proud. It was an unbelievable moment to find out I was going to go to the World Cup, especially at a young age. It’s probably capped off a really good season for me. I found out this morning, just before we came out to Marbella. The manager came and spoke to me just as we were getting on the plane. He asked me if I knew anything about the squad or anything yet. I said, ‘no’ and he said, ‘Have you got anything planned around the time of the World Cup?’ I was like, ‘No, no holidays or anything…’ 

He said to me, ‘OK, good… You’re in the squad!’ It was a really proud moment. On England’s behalf, it was nice of them to let the manager tell me. The lads have all congratulated me and said really well done..It’s nice to get the recognition from your teammates as well. It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for them, so I have to thank them, the manager and everyone else who has supported me along the way. 

I have to say a special thanks to everyone, especially my family for helping me get so far. Everyone who has been there along the way, even going back to when I was really young, around the age of six. Everyone who has played a part, I just want to say thanks to them because without them, I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am today. It’s a thanks to all of them. I hope they can all feel as proud as I do about getting the call-up.“

Meanwhile, the boss has spoken of how much he enjoyed giving Trent the news and on his joy at Henderson making the squad, and Lallana being in the standby squad

“It is nice, a nice story. Gareth Southgate gave me a call this morning and told me that I am allowed to tell him, but then I had some press work to do and didn’t have time.

So, in the bus to the plane, I saw Trent for the first time. I thought maybe he knew already and someone else had called him. I had the honour of telling him and it was nice to see the reaction in his eyes. It’s fantastic, it’s well deserved, what a season. What a season! Can you be too young? No. You can be not good enough – but he is good enough. It’s just a wonderful little piece more which makes this season special, even before the last game [against Real Madrid].

For Adam, it’s a great thing as well. After that season with only three or four games, I don’t think that any other player would have been in the mind of the manager, but Gareth really likes him. He is only on standby, OK, but in his situation that’s the best thing. He can train with us and then go to the national team and train there. Then, if anything happens, Gareth Southgate knows he has a fantastic player on standby.

Hendo as well, not to forget – our skipper is going to the World Cup and I am happy about that as well! All three, well deserved. It’s really nice.”