*30 Days Of Kloppo Masterpost*

Okay, so here we go. A couple of poorly made graphics to announce… 

*insert fanfare*


It’s so easy to join in my fellow Kloppites! Each day has been given a theme (chosen by me and others who have made suggestions) as above and on that day we post absolutely ANYTHING to do with that theme. Pictures, edits, gifs (I like gifs) videos or maybe even a bit of fan fic (ooh err), anything goes my friends. 

The tag for the 30 days of much merriment shall be #30DaysOfKloppo and you can include the graphics above in your posts if you would like to, just to make the posts a little easier for others to find. 

We kick off tomorrow on the 1st November with ‘Jürgen in hats.’ 🎩

The more the merrier so please join in and lets make the Kloppo worshipping corner of Tumblr brighter and better this November 🙂