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I might get this framed.


#ThrowbackThursday : The Ray Bans

kopzone: Congrats to the Ox, who has signed a…


Congrats to the Ox, who has signed a new long term deal!

Yep, just a tiny bit in love with him.


This killed me so it’s only fair it kills all of you as well.

thomas-mvller: Why John Oliver Loves Liverpo…


Why John Oliver Loves Liverpool FC



Henderson had ignored warnings not to train due to an injury, only to do it anyway, pull up and have to leave the session early.

“Jurgen was like, ‘I told you not to train and you still did it,’” Wijnaldum said. “He was already really angry, shouting. But Hendo didn’t even react. He just walked.

“Jurgen took his cap, threw it on the ground, wanting to kick it. But when he tried, he slipped and fell on his back.

“He stood up immediately and tried to kick it again. And he kicked it. The whole thing was on camera so everyone was laughing afterwards, I think I watched it 10 times.

Video please.



I’m sobbing

Little bit in love with Bobby, not gonna lie.

withhopeinourheart: Liverpool’s number 9 💖


Liverpool’s number 9 💖

gerraaard: Liverpool won the UEFA Super Cup…


Liverpool won the UEFA Super Cup for the fourth time in the club’s history.

Henderson Shuffle ™️



why does klopp keep talking about retiring like I won’t start crying just at the thought

He won’t retire until Liverpool have won the Prem (which will be by 2022, trust me). He’ll retire and become Liverpool All Time President and have his own throne right in the middle of the main stand for every home game. The Kop will become “The Klopp.”