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Just leaving this here.

30 Days Of Kloppo- November 16th, day 16: Angry Kloppo

At least I think he is angry in these photos. He could be celebrating a goal, you never can tell.

Ooooooof. And ugh.

30 Days Of Klopp- November 12, Day 12: Jeans

Oh yes, I’m seeing this little project through to day 30.

Found these on my Kloppo at Dortmund image search and thought they deserved their own post.

His hair in the top one, then his eyes in the bottom one. I can’t.

He was simply scrumptious in his Dortmund days…

Arms. By Jurgen. 

I should probably label this NSFW. 

A photoset entitled ‘Jürgy Bear.’

Kloppo Of The Day- 6/6/18